I don know how many people in this sub actually played Vanilla

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That said, I think we all need to take a step back and realize Classic doesn belong to us that played in 2004 06. I don know how many people in this sub actually played Vanilla (or any substantial amount of it) but the game isn just being made for you. It being made for old fans, new fans, fans that started in WotLK, and MoP, and BFA, and people that never played WoW.

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Hermes Kelly Replica And just throwing this one in, the Frequently asked questions section. Nothing too major and is a sufficient page with good information, but I kinda expected this section to be a bit more cleaned up than it is. It still says there a 5 image submission limit per day, some of the show information about it creation is incorrect at this point (Unless I wrong), and the time for new episode airing has changed Hermes Kelly Replica.

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