Additional people talking/tweeting about an incident does not

The Mobile NAACP branch, I believe, called tons of registered voters to boost awareness and stuff. Jones campaign billboards advertised the date of the election like it was Jones middle name or something. A handful of different groups organized rides to the polls.

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Gen 1: There a horrible imbalance of catchable types in this game. Every Grass type outside of Tangela and the Exeggute line is Poison; Poison, Water, and Normal Pokemon all make up more than half of the original 151, leaving some particular types like Fire, Ice, and especially Ghost and Dragon much more rare than they should be. It makes making a balanced team with little to no type overlap much more difficult than it needs to, so a lot of Gen 1 teams end up looking the same..

Does Mayor Pete have better ideas than his candidates with regard to foreign policy? I see no evidence of that or that it is even something he is focused on.Anyway, a few thoughts for you. I would welcome your response. 2 points submitted 19 days agoI very much appreciate your detailed and thoughtful response, and I lament the fact that it often difficult for me to organize my thoughts well enough to provide the same (and in a timely manner).

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