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Cheap Jerseys china By Merieme Arif, Aqeel Najim and Dakin Andone CNN (CNN) ISIS was pushed from Qaim on Friday, the terror group last major stronghold in Iraq, according to the office of Prime Minister Haider al Abadi.The news of Qaim liberation comes the same day that the Syrian military reportedly took back control of Deir Ezzor, the terror group last held city in that country.Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasoul, a spokesman for Joint Operations Command, confirmed to CNN that Qaim had been “fully liberated.”Qaim is located in the western part of Anbar province, along the Iraq Syria border, where ISIS holds the last of its territory the remnants of its so called caliphate.Iraqi forces had surrounded the last of the ISIS fighters in nearby towns Rawa and Romana, as well as surrounding areas north of the Euphrates River on Qaim outskirts, Rasoul said.The US led coalition congratulated the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in a statement.”Iraqi Security Forces have fought hard to reach this point, and their battle proven troops captured ISIS last Iraqi stronghold swiftly and thoroughly,” said Maj Cheap Jerseys china.

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