Just like urine tests, labs vary as to what is considered a

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replica bags and shoes Although some people think of these numbers as representing the normal temperature, a wide range of normal temperatures has been found. [3] In adult men and women the normal range for oral temperature is 33.2 38.2 C (92 101 F), for rectal it is 34.4 37.8 C (94 100 F), https://www.buyreplicassale.com for the Tympanic cavity it is 35.4 37.8 C (96 100 F) wholesale replica designer handbags and for axillary Replica Bags it is 35.5 37.0 C (96 99 F). [4] The time of day and other circumstances also affects the body’s temperature. replica bags and shoes

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The assumption that photons do not havemass came about because you can make an infinite amount of photonswithout loosing any mass from the atoms they came from. And youcant get something out of nothing. This assumption was made becausethey assumed that space was empty.

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