Israel electrocuted hamas leader in 2008

Israel electrocuted hamas leader in 2008

The head of Iran’s leading cleric has been sentenced to death by a military court for the fourth time, as the Islamic Rjarvees.comepublic seeks to prevent a coup attempt by Prime Minister Mehdi Karroubi.

Shahram Agha-Sadr was killed by an electrical shock at dawn on Wednesday in the central Iranian city of Kerman, Iranian media reported.

He is the second high-ranking cler바카라사이트ic to be arrested by Karroubi. He was arrested earlier this year and executed in his home after four months in the fast-track court for the first time since becoming the head of the Iranian government-backed Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s supreme clerical council.

Khamenei has used the judiciary to silence opponents.

“The judicial authority (of Karroubi) has just been defeated and killed itself. The Supreme Leader, the supreme authority, has now decided,” judiciary spokesman Ali Fadavi told AFP.

The arrest of Agha-Sadr represents a turning point for the mullahs, who had long been unwilling to let the judiciary act in their favour and, in some cases, have shown little inclination to challenge the Islamic Republic’s ruling supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.

In 2013, the Supreme Leader accused a small group of followers of the Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Jafari of plotting a failed coup against his regime. Jafari, Iran’s supreme leader at the time, was later replaced by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The Supreme Leader’s decision to appoint a judge appointed by Karroubi on the basis of the Islamic Republic’s interpretation of shari’a law was widely expected to come into effect.

But when the judicial system was still at the beginning stages of construction the country’s most influential clerics, some of whom are known to have strong links with Iranian political elite, had urged Karroubi to suspend jirga-style checks of elected officials.

Aghas-Sadr was arrejarvees.comsted for having written to the Iranian leadership asking for more power from President Karroubi, the semiofficial Islamic Republic news agency reported, quoting a criminal complaint. The cleric was the deputy president of the semiofficial Council of the Supreme Judicial Body, which is charged with setting Islamic Republic law for the country.

“The judicial body has now lost a key member of its membership, who has been a reliable ally against a variety of criminal elements and foreign plots,” the head of th